What you will learn from life and the Sims

Here’s why and how playing to the Sims can change your life.

Everybody knows the Sims. A lot of us have played it… but did you ever asked yourself what you could learn from it ?

🌋 Understand the madness

First things first, in order to change our lives, we need to understand what is this game ?

The Sims is an agent-based model of an artificial life… . In other words this game is an abstract description, a caricature, of our modern society.

For the sake of keeping us building a virtual life for hours, the game needs to (in the best way possible) .

But, to , some of the aspects of those social dynamics or .

Here’s our ticket to a life changing experience! The sims a.k.a. social dynamics for dummies.

📚 Start learning the basics

Buy the last version of the game, play with it… .

Anything you do in this game will be a life lesson. Any action is made simple because… in real life, it is simple… we tend to forget that.

👇 The best example…

A lot of people think that in order to find love, they should start by being friend with their beloved one (That’s why we invented “The friendzone”).

It’s not impossible… but the Sims will remind you that … you’ll need to .

It is not about becoming a jerk, or anything like that.


Click on Sim 👉 Friendly… 👉 Entertain … Click on Sim 👉 Friendly… 👉 Compliment … Click on Sim 👉 Friendly… 👉 Admire … Click on Sim 👉 Friendly… 👉 Impress … Click on Sim 👉 Friendly… 👉 Make Funny Face …


Click on Sim 👉 Romance… 👉 Flirt … Click on Sim 👉 Romance… 👉 Charm … Click on Sim 👉 Romance… 👉 Caress Cheek … Click on Sim 👉 Romance… 👉 Gaze Into Eyes … Click on Sim 👉 Romance… 👉 Tender Kiss

As simple as that… stop listening to your friends… .

⚡️ The 5 vital life lessons

First: Find work… 😉

Then: Go to work in a good mood 👉 Work hard 👉 Meet new Sims 👉 Improve your skills … 👌

First: Find the art form you like… 😉

Then: Exercise 👉 Exercise 👉 Exercise 👉 Exercise in front of people 👉 Share 👉 Exercise and try to get paid for it 👉 Exercise 👉 Exercise 👉 Produce a masterpiece … 👌

First: Get up… 😉

Then: Do stuff 👉 Have fun 👉 Do stuff 👉 Eat 👉 Do stuff 👉 Go to the bathroom 👉 Do stuff 👉 Have fun 👉 Do stuff 👉 Eat 👉 Go to the bathroom 👉 Sleep well and long enough and you’ll do stuff faster, have much more fun, etc.

In the end, what we do the most is maintaining habits… So, to build a life you’ll love, select your habits carefully 👌

Go out 👉 Meet people 👉 Be friendly 👉 Nurture relationships 👉 Become friends 👉 Go out with friends

Reaching the goal is nothing without living the journey. … the disease of the last centuries.

You can’t control others, . The sooner you start focusing on you, the better.

🚀 The bonus advice

In real life we tend to complicate things… often to feel alive. Nevertheless, complicated can frequently be easily simplified. Breaking down life’s concepts is doable in real life… 😏

Play the Sims like hell, live your life fully and 🔥

Alban Mezino. Brand Strategist. CEO of Mental Breakdown.

Alban Mezino. Brand Strategist. CEO of Mental Breakdown.