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Alban Mezino
Alban Mezino. Brand Strategist. CEO of Mental Breakdown.

Being the leader of the market is not a vision… it’s bullshit.

Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

This answer could have been given by any average start-up’s CEO. The answer is not wrong, but it does not answer the right question.
Wanting to be the leader of your market is not a vision… it is a goal.

Lots of CEOs around here do not understand why their people are not motivated, why they don’t help them reach the company’s goals.
So they try to bring in “more competent…

What I learned from the closing of Stéréosuper.

Not long ago I was still working at Stéréosuper. Today I will tell you what I learned from the last three years there.

Recently the agency closed its doors for good. So, a lot of people were asking me:
“I don’t understand why? You seemed fine. What happened?”.

At first, I wasn’t able to really answer the question. I could tell what were the factors leading to the end… but I didn’t understand the why behind all of it.

Today, I think that I finally got it, I found “the why”.

What was stereosuper ?

To begin with, we need to really understand what…

Build a long-lasting ecosystem for your brand and your followers.

Photo by Gustavo Campos on Unsplash

First, what is a community?

A community is a tribe. It is an ecosystem in which each participant contributes and each participant benefits.

So, we need to keep in mind that your brand is only a part of this big community. You don’t really make or create a community. You only help people to connect with you.
The community benefits from your brand. Your brand benefits from the community.
That’s all.

What is the tribe really made of?

A tribe is made of only two things:

  • Leaders.
  • Followers.

Most business owners think that branding is just an option… and here’s why they’re wrong!

Branding is why your tribe comes back for more!

People don’t buy Apple products because they need a laptop or a smartphone. People buy an iPhone… and Apple Watch… and a Mac… and a HomePod because they want to live an experience they crave for.

It is all about meeting your tribe’s core desires. Crafting an experience that they really enjoy. Bringing value to their lives.

As a brand, your role is to articulate the vision that your tribe already has… and then, only then… bringing this vision to life.

Here’s why and how playing to the Sims can change your life.

Everybody knows the Sims. A lot of us have played it… but did you ever asked yourself what you could learn from it ?

🌋 Understand the madness

First things first, in order to change our lives, we need to understand what is this game ?

The Sims is an agent-based model of an artificial life… based on our real lives. In other words this game is an abstract description, a caricature, of our modern society.

For the sake of keeping us building a virtual life for hours, the game needs to mimic (in the best way possible) the social dynamics that we experience…

Alban Mezino

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