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Alban Mezino
Alban Mezino. Brand Strategist. CEO of Mental Breakdown.

What I learned from the closing of Stéréosuper.

First, what is a community?

A community is a tribe. It is an ecosystem in which each participant contributes and each participant benefits.

Most business owners think that branding is just an option… and here’s why they’re wrong!

Branding is why your tribe comes back for more!

People don’t buy Apple products because they need a laptop or a smartphone. People buy an iPhone… and Apple Watch… and a Mac… and a HomePod because they want to live an experience they crave for.

Here’s why and how playing to the Sims can change your life.

🌋 Understand the madness

First things first, in order to change our lives, we need to understand what is this game ?

Alban Mezino

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